Civil Construction

Civil Construction

True Blue offers a wide variety of civil construction services to commercial, government, and private industry clients in the northeastern United States. Our team of highly-trained and seasoned professionals bring years of experience and expertise on civil construction projects in the following areas:

  • Building Demolition
  • Sheet Piling
  • Site Development
  • Pipe Jacking
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Dam Construction / Rehabilitation

Pipe Jacking

True Blue has conducted many projects that required piping beneath roadways or other structures where surface cuts were not feasible.

Building Demolition

True Blue maintains a Class B demolition license for demolition of commercial and industrial buildings up to four stories.

Sheet Piling

True Blue has extensive experience installing sheet piling for river/waterway remediation and rehabilitation projects.

Utility Infrastructure

True Blue has conducted many municipal sanitary sewer and water main installation and repair projects.

Site Development

True Blue has conducted many complex site development projects that draw on the expertise of our talented, experienced personnel.

Dam Construction / Rehabilitation

True Blue has constructed and/or rehabilitated coffer dams and other flood control structure on several projects for municipalities.