River Revetment

River Revetment

Significant Facts

  • 20,000 sq ft of articulated concrete revetment mats
  • Brook diversion
  • Site restoration
River Revetment Project

Project Summary

True Blue Environmental Services (TBES) was hired to install a concrete revetment system to prevent erosion of underlying contaminated soils during flooding conditions adjacent to Lydall Brook, in Manchester, CT.    The first phase involved brook diversion using 30,000 gpm pumps, temporary culverts and clearing and grubbing of the entire eastern side of the brook bank. During the work, turbidity monitoring was required.

The area was then graded and prepared for the placement of 20,000 ft/2 of articulated concrete revetment mats on the eastern brook bank.

Once these mats were anchored in place, the upland area was restored as an asphalt parking lot.